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“Nervous System’s Aspirin”

Zènö™ is a small vibrator using a proprietary range of vibrations of low intensity, regulated by different speeds and phasing. Its effect is purely mechanical, does not send electricity in the body (like a EMS/TENS unit, or muscle STIM), is not inserted in the body and does not produce significant heat. It has been proven completely safe with all animals and humans to which it has been applied for any length of time in one session and with daily applications over long periods of time.

About Us

Zènö™ works on the principle of Endotapping™ formulated by its inventor JP Giacomini: “when a painless stimulus is applied repeatedly to the horse, he will first, resist it, ignore it, relax on it, learn from it and finally retain it”. The nervous system response sequence is the same: “Resist, Ignore, Relax, Learn, Retain™”. This is the very progression by which muscle memory is acquired.


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