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Zènö Neuropacer™ AN is a patent pending, therapy device that addresses muscle relaxation and small aches and pain in animals. Zènö Neuropacer™ AN uses proprietary frequencies with an infinite regulation within its range (different speeds, power and phasing). It is combined with an optional low intensity micro-current and magnetic field that considerably increase its therapeutic effect. Its benefits include relief of aches and pain and muscle relaxation, 2 issues that are frequent effects of many medical conditions.

Zènö Neuropacer™ AN

  • Zènö Neuropacer™ AN high frequency, low intensity vibrational therapy resets and rebalances your horse or dog nervous system. Its principal effect is to calm down nerves over-stimulated by pain, hyper-activity, fear of surroundings or spasmodic muscle contractions that lead to resistance to training and unsatisfactory performance in competition. These well-known issues are the trigger for the “fight-or-flight behavior” in response to acute stress that may also induce ulcers or colic. Horses perceive many situations like trailering, showing, vet visits or a new barn as potential threat to their survival and a diminished degree of excessive alertness is always helpful for the safety of both the animal and the owner.

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