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“As you know, I had been experiencing chronic and 5 – 7 level pain at the base of the left side of my   neck.  Commensurate with the pain were numbing and tingling sensations all down my left arm – which I assumed were from a pinched nerve...  I immediately got the Zeno out of my pack and held the vibrating end in my hand until the tingling and pressure lessened.  I then moved the end to the base of my neck for pain relief and kept it on for about 30 minutes.  After only a few minutes though the tingling, pressure, and numbness in my left arm had completely subsided. Since using Zeno, I have been 90% pain free in my neck and 95% free of the numbing and tingling in my left arm. Also, I blew out my right knee on the trek (80 miles) and have been using the Zeno to relieve knee pain especially at night.  AND, I love that it has a relaxation effect that helps me sleep without medication!  Altogether, the Zeno is a great product, JP! Thank you so much!”                                                - Marion M.  

“I have suffered from chronic nervous and “phantom limb pain” for 33 years without any interruption.  Because of the level of anxiety I suffered from the constant pain, I self-medicated with alcohol, marijuana, Valium, Librium, cocaine, etc..  This led me to several run-ins with the law (DUIs, fighting), lost jobs, bad relationships and a failed marriage. I used the Zeno machine over 2 days. I got 14 hours of pain relief. On second day, the weather got real cold and wet and pain got much worse...on the second session I relaxed so much that I fell asleep and had complete pain relief that has lasted over 48 hours. No twitching, jumping, aching, muscle spasms or any of my usual symptoms. This is a miracle for me. My wife also told me that I have stopped snoring and I no longer exhibit sleep apnea. I am now on up to 14 days with continued relief from pain. The Zeno therapy is starting to feel like a progressive cure of my neural pain that has lasted 33 years previously. It has certainly improved my quality of life dramatically all around, but particularly about my sleep. My anxiety level has also lowered considerably.”
- D. Lannum

“I have been managing metastatic cancer for over 5 years.  In the past 8-9 months the pain from involvement of my axillary skeleton had become intolerable. I started using the Zeno and I was able to eliminate my medication.  There was a remarkable reduction and elimination of pain! By the following Wednesday I had shoveled 10” of snow in my driveway, movement I had been completely unable to do for 9 months. Every evening I use the Zeno on my sternum... this has resulted in much more restful sleep without the need for any sleeping medications or supplements. I have also lost 15 pounds, despite that my daily caloric intake has remained unchanged.  I have noticed a substantial clearing of my thinking and significantly improvement in cognitive function and memory since beginning the use of the Zeno.  The forgetfulness I had become accustomed to living with has disappeared. I tried Zeno with a voice patient this week, a woman with a neurologically-induced spasmodic dysphonia.  After 20 minutes of use, right at her larynx, she was much smoother with far fewer spasms in voicing.”
-Louisville, KY

“After hearing about JP's results using his Endotapping machine (Zeno), I asked to try it out on my 22 month old. Frequently, he has trouble sleeping... getting out of bed to come to our bedroom. Our first use consisted of using the Zeno machine on his sternum for 15 minutes followed by placing it on his back for 10 minutes. That night, our son never, once, crawled out of bed. He stayed in bed and actually fell asleep. Wonderful!”
- Happy Parents

“I  tried the new Zeno machine and had excellent effects on my usual insomnia, due to a general relaxing effect and the diminution of my chronic pain (broken bones from falling off horses, jumping etc.).”  

       -K. Taylor, Harrodsburg, KY

“I regained flexibility in wrists and fingers for 2 hours after 20 min application.”        - John B.

“I undersigned, colonel Loic de la Porte du Theil, retired, certify that the application of the Zeno machine on my lower back for 25 min has produced a significant pain relief on my chronic lower backache (due to numerous falls during my horse racing career).  This relief lasted for the rest of the day and the next day to a lesser degree.”                                  - Loïc

“Two stallions, age 4 and 11 have been needle phobic all their life. They have been quite dangerous to handle by vets. After a 10min application of the Zeno directly on the jugular vein, they calmed down completely and received an IV just with a little head shake and no drama. The previous attempt at injecting him ended up with the horse taking the vet and 2 assistants out of the barn.” -Veteinarian

“Shivers is a neurological syndrome of the horse that affects him with violent muscular spasms in the hip. We applied a 10min treatment during which the leg was lifted and lowered with a lead rope, after which time there was a 80% progress (3 cases). There remains an obvious need to carry on the treatment for an eventual complete pain relief. After a 30min application of Zeno near the SI joint and the manipulation of his right hind leg (lift, lower, repeat while practicing some Endotapping), Dr Redden was able to trim his right hind foot for the first time ever without any difficulty.”                     - Dr. R. Redden

“The problems were as follow: Impossible to maintain a constant gait, calm and regular when getting close to the fence; a jumping trajectory going downhill and hurrying away on landing; very stressed during her lessons. Once she was able to move upright through the turns, she calmed down considerably and her stress disappeared. This spectacular progress was extremely quick and is still there today…… The day after your visit, I rode her and I obtained my first jumps at the canter and I could feel her amazing quality. Three days later, I obtained the same result with her owner in the saddle who was ecstatic. Once she was able to move upright through the turns, she calmed down considerably and her stress disappeared. This spectacular progress was extremely quick and is still there today.”

   -O. Dubaele, show jumping rider and instructor, L'Isle Adam, France

“JP has used his Zeno machine on Lexus‘ back during his regular work in hand with the Endostick.  He placed it on his back (under the saddle, but without a rider). Lexus is no longer resistant on the left rein. It appears that the Zeno on his back has eliminated the contraction reflex that was there for years. The Zeno seems to break down the undesirable muscular memories and allow better patterns of locomotion to set in, according to the demands of the rider. The results of that work has been remarkable and as lasted until now." -C. Henriquet, Olympic dressage rider, French dressage champion 2013

“A horse who had terrible separation anxiety from either people or other horses received a 30min application of Zeno  (his buddy was removed while he was left alone in the cross ties). 90% improvement with the first application. This is applicable to foals and mares at weaning times.”

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