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What is a Zènö HU™?

Zènö HU™ is a new, patent pending, wearable technology that combines vibrational, micro-current and magnetic therapy.


How does it work?

Zènö HU™ decreases pain through the combination of technologies working symbiotically. It relaxes the nervous system and decreases the pain signal, decrease inflammation and speeds up the healing process.


How was Zènö HU™ developed? What are the ideas and principles behind it?

Zènö HU™ designer, JP Giacomini developed the Endotapping™ method over the course of 25 years to relax horses, modifying their emotional state and obtain relaxation “on command.” The principle underlying Endotapping™ goes as follow: Under the repeated application of a painless stimulus, the body first resists the stimulus (by fidgeting), ignores the stimulus (through desensitization), relaxes the nervous system, acquires a new “neurological memory” (increase a range of motion, learn a new skill, give up an old emotional pattern, diminishes a chronic pain signal, etc.), retains the new pattern (the progress obtained is repeatable, the effect of Endotapping is cumulative and progressive, meaning it gets more effective over time, as less treatment gets more results or gets new results).   


Does Zènö HU™ relieves pain?

In many cases, Zènö HU™ has relieved different forms of pain: throbbing pain from an old should accident, cancer pain, finger pain from being squashed in a door, muscles contraction from over exertion, back and knee pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, post surgical migraines, spasms from phantom limb pain, frozen shoulder, etc.  Every pain is different and the effect of Zènö HU™ is best evaluated by the decrease in pain medicine use deciding by the sufferer or their physician. This can range from Advil to Gabapentin, to multiple chiropractor visits. If the pain is structural/mechanical in nature (displaced disks, contacted fascia or deep bruising), these issues must be addressed concurrently to Zènö HU™ use. It will most often relieve the pain creating by muscle spasms.  


Does the Zènö HU™ do anything other than relieve pain?

Zènö HU™ promotes muscle relaxation and the general well-being that derives from it.


How long does it take for the Zènö HU™ to work?

It varies, but usually, there will be a sensation of improved wellbeing within 5 to 30 minutes of use. The effect is often subtle, as “something no longer occurs” (pain, tension, etc.), rather than “something very obvious happens.” Effect will increase with each session. In many cases, when Zènö HU™ is used in the evening, a better night sleep occurs and the pain is gone in the morning. In other cases, the user may know that his back pain takes usually 2 weeks to disappear, they will notice that with the use of Zènö HU™, it might be gone in 1 or 2 days.


Are the effects of Zènö HU™ permanent?

The effects of Zènö HU™ are progressive and each given problem will decrease progressively. On the other hand, as the body ages every day and is submitted to regular stress and injuries, if the user stops using some degree of discomfort will return in time.


How long do the effects of Zènö HU™ last?

After the first session, in case of very severe pain, such as rheumatoid arthritis and intense neuropathy, the effect may last as little as 2 hours the first time. Pain from tendonitis or joint pain may last as much as 3 days after the first use.  The pain free duration for phantom limb pain sufferers has lasted as much as 5 weeks.  Over time, this effect will last increasingly longer.


Will Zènö HU™ cause damage to the skin?

Absolutely not


Can I use Zènö HU™ while on prescription medication?

Yes. Many users have kept their prescriptions going when they started using Zènö HU™. However, pain medications interfere with chemical receptors while Zènö HU™ works on mechanoreceptors and reduces pain without any side-effects. Some users have decided to curtail their pain medications over time on their own schedule.


Is the vibrational therapy of Zènö HU™ helpful on bone and muscle issues?

Studies have shown that vibration may enhance the effects of both exercise and pharmacologics. Other studies have demonstrated a beneficial effect of vibrations on stem cells, neurons and other types of cells. It stands to reason that Zeno HU™’s vibrational aspect can help older people with increasing bone density and muscle strength.




Where should I place the Zènö HU™?

Zeno HU™ delivers vibrational therapy, as well as a micro current and a micro-magnetic field. In order to reduce pain, vibrations work best close to the painful site. However, following the “gate theory” that certain therapies acting on the entire nervous system, can enter it at any place, just like an IV injection will circulate a drug through the entire circulatory system.


Is there anything I should avoid while using the Zènö HU™?

Zeno HU™ should not be used with a pacemaker.


Does Zènö HU™ have any effect on parasites?

This one I would like to address because I think it is important. I would answer that, we have anecdotal evidence that Zènö HU™ is effective against parasites, even though Zènö HU™ works in low-frequencies. However, it differs from other machines in that its unique combination of low-frequency micro-current, magnetic field, and mechanical vibration have not been used or tested for killing parasites.


Who should use a Zènö HU™?

Zeno HU™ is designed for humans and registered with the FDA as a Class 1 medical device that does not require FDA evaluation.  It is recommended for the relief of minor aches and pain,  muscle relaxation and general well-being.


Does Zènö HU™ cure cancer?

No. However, Zeno HU™ has provided pain relief to cancer patients, alongside their regular cancer medical therapies.  


What are the side effects of Zènö HU™?

It is possible that Zènö HU™, turned to a power level too high, can stimulate the nervous system and create some excitement or increase the pain level temporarily. If this occurs, the first thing to do is to turn the power level to the minimum (remember that the control knobs do 10 rotations), while keeping the frequency as high as possible (high frequencies are relaxing).


Is Zènö HU™ effective for severe pain? Chronic pain? Migraines?

Yes it is, usually the more severe the pain, the more effective Zènö HU™ is.


Is Zènö AN™ effective on animals? What for?

Zènö AN™ is the model for animal use only. It has been used successfully on horses for the following purposes :

-  Zènö AN™ can be used during lunging and riding and proves very effective at optimizing biomechanics

-  reduces gait unevenness and some lameness from hip and stifle joint

-  greatly diminishes separation anxiety from the first use

-  reduces travel and show stress

-  produces more effective chiropractic and osteopathic adjustments (they hold better when  

Zènö AN™ is used during the adjustment session)

-  achieves deeper and longer-lasting myofascial release during massage (with the Zènö Muscle Scraper™)

-  progressively eliminates compulsive/obsessive behavior (such as cribbing and weaving)

-  has been used to limit aggressively in stallions

-  reduces needle phobia

-  eliminates back pain related to ovarian discomfort in mares

-  relaxes horses during regular veterinary or horseshoeing procedures

-  stimulates a “dummy foal” (oxygen deprived at birth) so it reestablished his suckling reflex and his general energy level

- Helped a severely constipated newborn foal on which enemas remained ineffective


How do you use Zènö AN™ on an animal?

So far, Zènö AN™ has been used mostly on horses and dogs. On horses, Zènö AN™ has been placed on the halter near the TMJ, under the girth, under the breast plate, under the saddle pad, under a leg bandage.


Can I buy a Zènö HU™ or Zènö AN™ on a payment plan?

Not yet

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